I'm an imaginative and focused composer, dedicated to achieving perfection in my craft. I work as a multi-instrumentalist and welcome the opportunity to respond to any brief, however challenging. 

My totally self-contained, high-spec on-site studio gives me instant access to a vast palette of sounds, enabling a fast turnaround of ideas.
I have the ability to perceive exactly how music can be used to establish / enhance the mood and atmosphere of a production, and this is backed up by the technical skills and experience to deliver a broadcast-quality product.

My vast experience includes :

Recording sessions on various projects with acclaimed record producers : Tony Visconti, Colin Thurston, Peter Collins, Steve Levine, Nicky Graham.

Plus worked extensively as in-house producer / engineer at Rich Bitch Recording Studios Birmingham UK with artists as diverse as Tony Christie (please see dedicated page), Ruby Turner and others including... 

Alvin Stardust ( the album 'I Feel Like Alvin Stardust')                                  

Alvin Stardust ( the single 'Candy' - written by Alan Tarney)


Jason Bonham ( the album 'When You See The Sun') 

The Prodigy and Pop Will Eat Itself ( the song 'Their Law' from the album 'Music for the Jilted Generation')


Composer / Music Producer - Beverley Callard's 'Lasting Results' DVD (Banana Split Productions - UK top 20 DVD chart 2004)



And also a large selection (far too many to list) of one-off sessions for various artistes…