'Mesrine' is a concept musical based on the life story of France's most notorious criminal 'Jacques Mesrine' .

"During 2007 I'd mentioned to Andy Crawford (lyricist) that I would like to write a musical, he suggested the story of Jacques Mesrine, it was as simple as that…Andy wrote some words, I composed the music, produced the recordings and it seem like the ghost of Jacques Mesrine did the rest!" - Steve Wilson

The recording sessions took place between 2008 / 2010. Mesrine The Musical's  two act studio recording intentionally evokes the atmosphere of the 1970's. Sometimes dark and menacing, at other times comedic or emotionally moving.

All music / production by Steve Wilson

Lyrics by Andy Crawford

Mesrine - Vocal Performer



Special thanks to  Claire Gordon & Jo Mainwaring for a few extra voice bits!!

Below is a short video teaser featuring : Tony Christie, Brad Henshaw, Nadine Edwards.

A 60 second interview from Steve Wilson on Mesrine the Musical.




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Steve Wilson / Andy Crawford©2014