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Theme From Mesrine

Escape No.1

Mesrine's Song

Criminal Act

I Am The President

Beautiful Day To Die

The Most Wanted Man In France


Soul In Chains

Prison Break Out

Abuse Of Power Comes As No Surprise

Au Revoir To Crime

Working To Music

The Safe

The Wrong Detective

Safe Again


Being Me

Gangsters Moll

Loving You Will Kill 



Air France

Stay Or Be Damned

Two Of Everything

L'Amour Est Mort

Crime Fabulous Crime

The Coiffeur

A Woman's Pain

No Blanks

The Heiress

Pirate Swagger

Falling Off A Horse

Petit Thief Of Marseille

This Man Mesrine

I Just Like Chess

Le Couer Battant De Paris

And In Other News

Street Girl

Public Enemy No 1

King Takes Pawn

Never See '79

T'Aimer Va Etre Ma Perdition

Une Belle Journee Pour Mourir

Cold November Day

Final Breath

Toy Guns


I Don't Want The World To Know

Theme From Mesrine