Pilgrim Home - In Search of Scrooby Manor

Producer / Director :  Jane Williams

Composer : Steve Wilson

This fascinating film tells the story of Scrooby Manor in Nottinghamshire, originally the home of William Brewster - a 'Pilgrim Father' who sailed on the Mayflower and, in 1620, reached what became Plymouth, Massachusetts, to form the first permanent European settlement in New England… events which had a profound impact on the birth of the United States of America.
A short teaser clip is featured below.

Quote from Jane Williams - Producer / Director at Fandango Media

"Steve is collaborating with Fandango Media on composing the music for a feature length historical documentary. The music is for a transatlantic audience and needs to bridge both American and British sentiments. His brief included a variety of content, from Tudor music to contemporary orchestral. From our first discussion he provided immediate ideas. Steve takes direction exceptionally well, incorporating suggested influences and styles. Request and feedback are dealt with efficiently and courteously. Steve's talent is versatile and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

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