Steve & Helen Duval 

In early 2014 I forged an exciting new creative bond with Helen Duval, it came about through a mutual acquaintance, and we went on to discuss various musical projects.. Helen was in the process of writing a book, and she also told me about her passion for writing poetry. I felt it would be interesting to interpret her poetry as songs. So, she sent me a selection of her poems and I set about using them as the inspiration for a collection of original works. My only rule was to keep all Helen's words exactly as they read from the page without any additions or omissions…

Quote from Helen :

 "Working with Steve has been one of the most abundantly creative times of my life. I have always enjoyed expressing sentiments or simply crafting a poetic story, which I thought was the end of the journey for the poetry I have written over the years.

Collaborating with Steve has been an extraordinary journey which has taken pieces of my work to the next level.

The creative process has been invigorated, which has resulted in new pieces and some ongoing projects that I am thoroughly enjoying exploring."


Featured songs :



















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